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When it comes to truly leveling the playing field for students of all backgrounds, tuition money only goes so far. There are many overlooked barriers to success for first-generation students from low-income backgrounds or populations traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Westminster College is focused on providing a pathway to higher education for talented and high-achieving high school students who might otherwise encounter stumbling blocks. Once admitted to Westminster, these students can apply to receive mentor support and other program benefits through one of 2 Legacy Program initiatives: Legacy Scholars (first-year students) or Legacy STEPS (transfer students).

Within a supportive environment designed to foster civic mindedness, identity development, and academic excellence, the Legacy Program provides support and stability throughout a student’s higher education experience through:

  • Social, cultural, and academic support
  • Faculty mentors
  • Tutors
  • Study groups
  • Regular meetings with their cohort
  • Participation in special research projects
  • Development of leadership skills and cultivation of a community Additionally, as students prepare for graduation, the program provides graduate-school advising and career counseling to work with them through their transition.

Gifts to the Legacy Program support programming as well as stipends for books and supplies.

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